Tansy Rayner Roberts


Tansy Rayner Roberts is a fantasy novelist with a PhD in Classics. Her books include Musketeer Space, The Mocklore Omnibus, Love and Romanpunk and the Creature Court trilogy (Power & Majesty, The Shattered City, Reign of Beasts). She has won the Washington SF Association Small Press Award twice, and is a presenter on two popular podcasts: Galactic Suburbia and Verity!

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Glass Slipper Scandal (Castle Charming #1)

Charming is a kingdom where fairy tales come true, which has been bad news for its troubled royal family, but good news for the gutter press that thrives on the scandals and gossip provided by their teenage Princes Gone Wild. Kai is a rookie reporter at the Charming Herald. Dennis is a new Royal Hound, charged with protecting the self-destructive princes from disaster. Disaster arrives in a pumpkin coach… The story of the century will be wearing glass slippers, and Castle Charming will never be the same again. This novelette was originally published as a web serial on the Sheep Might Fly podcast.


Fake Geek Girl

Meet Fake Geek Girl, a band that plays nerdy songs at the bar every Friday night, to magical and non-magical students. Lead singer Holly writes songs based on her twin sister Hebe’s love of geek culture though she doesn’t really understand it. Drummer Sage is an explosive sorcerous genius obsessing over whether Holly’s about to quit the band to go mainstream. Shy Juniper only just worked up the nerve to sing her own song in public and keeps a Jane Austen themed diary chronicling the lives and loves of her friends. When the mysterious, privileged Ferd joins their share house, everything starts to unravel…