Sue Hollister Barr


Recently Hugo-nominated, Sue Hollister Barr is super psyched about her new, already critically acclaimed sci fi novella Ships, available for 99 cents on Kindle. Her first publishing credits included The New York Times and Twisted, a conventionally published horror novel that's still selling. She's published several sci fi books since, been senior editor at a literary agency, taught creative writing, and is currently an active member of SFWA.


Sarina Dorie
A fun and quirky science fiction read!

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SHIPS (preview, 99 cents to read the rest)

Veronica never dealt with her Asperger's till both framed for murder and threatened by an alien. Histus, the alien, is suffering from extreme sensory deprivation because he no longer has a body. His gas-giant home planet has been annihilated, and the only way to survive was to upload his consciousness into his crippled ship. He's barreling toward Earth, while Veronica…born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth…is fleeing across "fly-over" America with the pedal to the metal of her burgundy-upholstered Rolls. What absurd, wireless-tech errors by others lead to their meeting? And, incidentally, will they save the planet Earth?


Boomers for the Stars

Thanks to stellar advances in longevity, Earth is overrun by Baby Boomers well into their hundreds. Social Security being the stuff of history books, subsequent generations must find some way to put all those Boomers to good use…challenging since few have minds that have survived along with their bodies. But the silver lining is that few can complain about what some of those uses are. Mary, born in 1948, was never the good girl hoping to catch a husband her family expected. Instead, all she ever wanted was to somehow, someday make it to the stars. Now, she might finally have lived long enough to see her wish come true. But only if she can escape the dangers of her nursing home, save other Boomers there thinking they're Marilyn Monroe and Napoleon…and actually remember her own name.



It's the year 2100. Nan has had to leave her peaceful home above what used to be the Arctic Circle for something extraordinarily old-fashioned: a physical meeting with someone in, of all places, a city. If she doesn't contract a fatal disease first, she might choke to death on Manhattan's Rococo holography. And why hasn't she heard anything from her best friend, Trix? But things are about to get a whole lot worse than having dinner with the man who hired her to devise a craft, which should get all those annoying aliens off welfare and back to their home planet.