Stephen Allan


Stephen Allan is the author of multiple sci-fi/fantasy books, including "The Spirit War Chronicles" and the highly-praised "Kastori Chronicles" series. Readers have called him "a master storyteller" with "a writing style [that] has an ease and fluidity to it which will satisfy any... fan." When he's not writing, he's chasing his two Siberian Huskies around in the backyard.<br /> <br /> Sign up for Stephen's mailing list and receive character sheets for "The Spirit War Chronicles" and a free novella from the Kastori Chronicles series exclusive to subscribers only. To do so, copy-and-paste this link in a new window:<br /> <br /> You can contact Stephen at You can follow him on Facebook at, and you can visit his website at<br /> <br /> THE SPIRIT WAR CHRONICLES<br /> Magic Awakening (December 2016)<br /> Magic Revenge (December 2016)<br /> <br /> THE KASTORI CHRONICLES<br /> Kastori Annihilations (Subscriber-Exclusive)<br /> Kastori Revelations (March 2016)<br /> Kastori Devastations (May 2016)<br /> Kastori Tribulations (July 2016)<br /> Kastori Restorations (September 2016)

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