Slade Rhys


Whiskey drinker.
M/M author.

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Jan is for January: A SLADE RHYS'S WHISKEY SHOTS Preview (Calendar Boys 1)

Discover Slade Rhys's Whiskey Shots - a new way to enjoy M/M. In this free teaser short leading up to the July 2018 launch of SLADE RHYS'S WHISKEY SHOTS, discover what happens when young photography student Jan Mikkelson goes in search of Damian Glass, the man behind a series of breathlessly erotic yet subtly sensual photos of male self-pleasure. He expects to find a tortured artist...not the carnivorous, silver-haired wolf of a man who smiles at him like Jan smells like prey. Damian Glass is nothing like the man Jan hoped to meet. But the challenge in his silver-eyed stare makes Jan's blood burn...and if Glass has his way, Jan will be the next subject posing for his lens.