Shay Roberts


Author Shay Roberts writes in the paranormal fiction and fantasy genres. He believes that every proper book should have both stirring love scenes and epic fights. Shay, a medieval combat expert, is the founder of the Academy of Arms, a non-profit medieval martial arts school in Los Angeles. He is an instrument-rated pilot with an MA in Screenwriting, a BS in Biology, and a BA in English. Shay has been writing stories since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Unfortunately, he wrote those stories on the walls.

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Werewolf Unchained: Ash's Saga (Free Excerpt) Shay Roberts

THIS FREE EXCERPT CONTAINS THE FIRST 11 CHAPTERS OF HEARTBLAZE 4: WEREWOLF UNCHAINED Recommended reading order: start with books 1-3 (Emma’s Saga, vampires), or jump in at books 4-6 (Ash’s Saga, werewolves), or begin with books 7-9 (Rosemarie’s Saga, dragons). If you start the series with books 4 or 7, expect a few references to the previous books, but you will still be able to follow the story. Heartblaze is the groundbreaking new paranormal series that leaves you breathless and eager for more... My name is Ash. I'm living alone in the woods outside a werewolf community. What could go wrong? My name is Stefan. I'm a werewolf warrior headed for a deadly showdown with my greatest enemy. Then Ash comes along and changes everything.


Valentine Witch Shay Roberts

A 30-PAGE STANDALONE NOVELETTE SET IN THE HEARTBLAZE WORLD Isabelle, a college student who grew up in the Amazon jungle, is half-Fae. Valentine’s Day is a stressful time for her because it usually ends in disaster. But perhaps this year will be different because she’s working on an unusual class project with her secret love … Luke, who grew from an annoying boy into a handsome, athletic man. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Luke delivers devastating news to Isabelle, confirming her worst fears about the upcoming holiday. Desperate, Izzy turns to … Millicent, a dangerous love-witch living on a mysterious island with a historic past. Millicent offers Izzy a devil’s bargain in exchange for happiness. But when the deal goes awry, Isabelle experiences a Valentine’s Day unlike any other.



Emma's Secret Shay Roberts

Note: this story was written as a companion piece to Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul. If you have not yet read that book, please do so before reading this story. This will ensure that you have the best possible reading experience. You can get Heartblaze 1 for FREE on Instafreebie using this link: The Russian mob has a secret weapon, a girl who can talk to demons!


Wolfheart Shay Roberts

A 30-PAGE STANDALONE NOVELETTE SET IN THE HEARTBLAZE WORLD Ash, a high school senior from a broken home, performs an act of kindness that forces her into hiding. Now she’s living in the woods, training dogs to guard livestock. She soon discovers that she’s not alone in the forest. A dark, malignant beast is preying on her beloved animals. As Ash edges toward despair, a mysterious stranger appears… Magnus, a werewolf from the nearby town of Corby, claims he is hunting the beast, but he knows more that he’s saying. His connection to Ash, and his desire for her, take her by surprise.


Christmas with the Vampire Shay Roberts

A 30-PAGE STANDALONE NOVELETTE SET IN THE HEARTBLAZE WORLD Beatrix, a daring college student, can’t believe she gets to spend Christmas traveling alone in Europe! But her excitement fades when a terrifying natural disaster strikes, trapping her in a remote Gothic village at the mercy of… Augustin, a gorgeous Czech vampire with sad eyes and a tragic past. Christmas is very special to Augustin. He seeks to share his secrets with Beatrix, whose parents never celebrated Christmas, and soon she gets caught up in an extraordinary yuletide adventure. Augustin becomes consumed by Beatrix and demands more than just a confidante. Much more. So Beatrix must fight him with the only weapon she has…her heart. But will that be enough to survive the night in the arms of an immortal? If not, her last.


Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul Shay Roberts

"THE HEART OF TWILIGHT AND THE SOUL OF OUTLANDER" "An amazing time travel/paranormal romance!" - Beauty and the Books ★★★★★ "Brilliantly crafted characters with an intricate and compelling storyline." - Charlie57 ★★★★★ "The ending blew me away!" - Reading in Wonderland ★★★★★ Heartblaze is the groundbreaking new paranormal series that leaves you breathless and eager for more. Buckle up and launch yourself into this elaborate, mind-blowing paranormal world. Experience a thrilling supernatural adventure, perfect for fans of Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, and Outlander. Grab this page-turner now and move it to the top of your reading list!