Serena Clarke


Serena Clarke writes feel-good contemporary fiction, set all over the world. Readers have described her books as engaging page-turners, with sigh-worthy happy endings that’ll leave you smiling.

Her own story? She’s lived in thirty-nine houses, in seven cities, in four countries. She’s been a riding instructor, edited a medical journal, worked at a London law firm, and taught English as a second language to wayward teenagers. And now she’s found her own happy ending—living near the beach in beautiful New Zealand with her family, writing the kind of romantic, feel-good books she loves to read. She hopes you’ll love them too!

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All Over the Place

A fun, engaging page-turner set in London, Paris and New Zealand…the perfect sweet escape for lovers of chick flicks, hot heroes, and happily ever afters!


A North So True

Behind every secret is a chance for something true.
A snow-kissed escape with a twist of mystery, adventure, and Scandinavian wildness.


One Distant Summer

From LA to the sunny South Pacific, make your escape with this sweet and steamy, feel-good beach read!


The Same But Different

California, here we come. A free-spirited, feel-good story for anyone who’s dreamed of hitting the road in search of a new start…and maybe a new love too.