Sara Marks


Sara Marks is an author, knitter, Wikipedian, and librarian from Massachusetts. After over 10<br /> years of participating in National Novel Writing Month, she is released her first novel, Modern<br /> Persuasion, with Illuminated Myth Publishing. When she isn’t writing, she is an academic<br /> librarian at University of Massachusetts Lowell. She has a masters degree in library science and<br /> another in Communications. She is a member of Toastmasters International where<br /> she twice earned the status of Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest status members can<br /> achieve. She is one of the local organizers for National Novel Writing Month.


Shannyn Leah
Sara Marks writes books with characters you will fall in love with. Add in a few teary moments and laughter to balance it out and her reads are great!

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Modern Persuasion

Which would you pick: the person you love or your own dreams? What would you do if given a second chance at that decision? Eight years ago Emma Shaw picked her career and family over the man she loved, Fredrick Wentworth. Since then she has built a career in publishing and spends her free time making sure her father and sisters are taken care of. Fredrick has spent the same years building his career as a screenwriter under increasing public scrutiny as a celebrity. When the editor of Fredrick’s first book is injured, Emma is forced to travel with Fredrick on his book tour. Tension builds for the two former lovers over the course of the tour. Emma and Fredrick must face their emotional baggage and their misunderstanding about how their break-up impacted the other.


A Little More Modern Persuasion

You don't have to stop enjoying Emma and Fredrick just yet. Author Sara Marks wrote short stories while she waited for the released of her novel Modern Persuasion. You can now enjoy all four short stories that expand on the story and give alternative versions. You even get the chance to read expanded character profiles for each character. This volume is a thank you to everyone who read, enjoyed, and shared Modern Persuasion. Actually, it's highly suggested you go and ready Modern Persuasion first!