Sarah Eakin


Sarah Eakin was born in Surrey and lived most of her life in England, growing up with three older brothers and a lot of horses. Somewhat by accident she became Polo Correspondent to The Independent. She was a Sports reporter on the Southern Evening Echo for two years covering a multitude of sports that she knew very little about – to start with.

She became Polo Correspondent to The Daily Telegraph, Chief Polo Correspondent to the Horse and Hound and was a regular contributor to US publications Sidelines and Polo Magazine. Appointed Editor in Chief to a new publication, International Polo Review, she landed in Florida for the winter to work for Sidelines. Having sworn off ever marrying a professional polo player, she did just that six months after meeting Gary Eakin..

Sarah now lives near Edinburgh, Scotland but regularly visits the US – her adopted country – where many of her friends, not least Lee and her ex-husband Gary, reside.

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