R.J. Pelton


R.J. Pelton was born in Long Beach, California, and began his writing career in third grade with a story involving a prince, princess, and a dragon. The story became famous in his own mind and stoked a fire that hasn't been quenched for thirty years. <br /> <br /> Today, Ryan is a genre-hopping author chasing down The Muse in an undisclosed midwestern city. He has opened a vein and bled over multiple novels and shorter works. <br /> <br /> When Pelton is not cursing over puncture wounds from Legos in his feet, making up stories, or trying to figure out life under the sun. He can be found in a dungeon reading, writing, and feeding a bacon and Diet Coke addiction with his wife and three boys. Find all the words and things at: amazon.com/author/r.j.pelton

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