Ryan Muree


I can be a pretty awesome lady who likes chocolate, the color aqua, and long walks on the beach. No, actually, scratch that. I love Reeseā€™s, the color aqua, and wearing flip flops everywhere. Every. Where. I had a pretty normal life as a military brat. i lived in several states, visited parts of Asia, and even spent a few years in Okinawa. Maybe not so normal. *shrugs*<br /> <br /> Graduated school. Graduated college. Started a family. Eventually, I was crazy enough that I started teaching middle school. After nine years, I turned to writing teenage hormones instead of teaching them :P I now enjoy writing giant fantasy worlds with strong heroines. I spend my free time gaming with my husband and daughter (#PCMasterrace), drawing, and painting. And sometimes I say funny stuff. Sometimes.

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What Blooms in the Dark

What Blooms in the Dark is a YA Epic Fantasy prequel novelette of the series, The Last Elixir (Available now on Amazon!). Shenna, a plant reader and potions apprentice, needs to be highly skilled to search for the Last Elixir--an immortality recipe. She'll do anything to stop a terrible disease from killing her people. First step: Pass a very basic healing salves practical. But after failing, again and again, her teacher gives her one last chance to pass. Naturally, she needs a tutor, and when a very cute, very distracting, salves prodigy offers his help, she must decide how best to approach her priorities.