Rupert Exavier Moore


Rupert Exavier Moore is the author of THE HUMAN DILEMMA. A self-made scholar of alternative history and science, he has been on a quest for knowledge ever since unearthing the truth about [REDACTED] while exploring the Great Plains of the North. He lives alone and is currently pondering on the next installment to his eponymous cross-time series, Skeptical Rupert Investigates. On cool, windless afternoons, he can be spotted roaming the streets of his native [REDACTED], always on foot and often mumbling under his breath.

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The Human Dilemma

At an unspecified date early in the politically volatile twenty-first century, recently expatriated author Leon Z. Moss goes missing in his native Russian periphery. Eyewitness reports have him vanishing in a mysterious explosion of light.<br><br>Untold eons later, when Homo sapiens are long extinct, nonhuman researcher Rupert Exavier Moore discovers a scandalous alternative cause of humanity’s downfall. And Leon is the story’s key figure.<br><br>The whole awkward truth, meanwhile, remains encrypted in a bewildering tale of extraterrestrial secrecy, interdimensional politics, absurd conspiracies, plain old human ignorance and one confused twenty-first-century man’s bizarre journey home.