Rupert Exavier Moore


Rupert Exavier Moore is the author of THE HUMAN DILEMMA. A self-made scholar of alternative history and science, he has been on a quest for knowledge ever since unearthing the truth about [REDACTED] while exploring the Great Plains of the North. He lives alone and is currently pondering on the next installment to his eponymous cross-time series, Skeptical Rupert Investigates. On cool, windless afternoons, he can be spotted roaming the streets of his native [REDACTED], always on foot and often mumbling under his breath.

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The Human Dilemma

At once humorous and honest, THE HUMAN DILEMMA is an inventive, uniquely-structured novel about life and death, war and peace, success and failure, and maybe aliens, set in present-day Russia, the Aethereal realm and outer space, with flashbacks to the Soviet Union and glimpses into Earth’s preposterous tomorrow. Eons in the future, when Homo sapiens are long extinct, nonhuman researcher Rupert Exavier Moore discovers a scandalous alternative cause of humanity’s downfall. The whole awkward truth, however, is encrypted in a bewildering tale of extraterrestrial secrecy, interdimensional politics, absurd conspiracies, plain old human ignorance and one confused twenty-first-century man’s bizarre trip home. In the end, it might just be a shame that no human is around to take exception.