Rowena May O'Sullivan


Hi there - thank you for visiting my author page here on Instafreebie. I'm a writer of paranormal romance and soon I'll also be publishing a romantic comedy that entails, tarts, shortcakes and of course romance.<br /> <br /> At the moment I have The Silver Rose up free on Instafreebie and it's available in most formats. It's book one in a series about three magical sisters and the challenges they face to achieve mastership in their craft and enduring love. If you love The Silver Rose, you might like to Book 2 - The Jade Dragon and & Book 3 - The Spell Weaver now available on Amazon as well as other outlets.<br /> <br /> If you'd like to know more you can subscribe to my newsletter. I only send out emails when I actually have something to announce, giveaway, or something special is happening in the world of romance.<br /> <br /> If you need to email me, I can be contacted at<br /> <br />

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The Silver Rose

A witch or warlock must be prepared to sacrifice all to be Called to Marylebone. Rosa Greenwood has but two choices: bind her life and magic to another within thirty days, sacrifice her magic forever, or be hunted down and killed by Marylebone’s Dragons. When the mysterious and uncommunicative Aden Dragunis arrives in Raven's Creek, he is astonished to discover her in possession of a silver rose he crafted over 400 years ago. And then the rose blooms for Rosa, and Marylebone reveals a secret that will change both their lives forever.