Rose Servitova


I am an Irish writer. My first novel, 'The Longbourn Letters - The Correspondence between Mr Collins & Mr Bennet' was published in April 2017 to international acclaim. As well as receiving 5 star reviews on Amazon & Goodreads, it has been described by Woman's Way magazine as a 'literary triumph' and by the Jane Austen Regency World Magazine as 'a glorious epistolary novel that mixes laugh-out-loud hilariousness with...touching sentiment'. As a result, I was asked to contribute a related article to The Irish Times and invited to speak at the Kinsale Literary Festival in October as well as take part in interviews/podcasts/radio shows and public talks. I have been blessed in life to have met with several Mr Collins' and Mr Bennets'.<br /> <br /> My next novel tells the story of Mary Bennet, in her own words. Please download the short story giveaway on this website to get a taster - The Love Letter of Mary Bennet

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Short Story - The Love Letter of Mary Bennet

This short story is a taster of the subject matter of my next novel entitle 'Mary Bennet' which tells the story of one of the minor characters from Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. My current novel 'The Longbourn Letters - The Correspondence between Mr Collins & Mr Bennet' touches on what becomes of Mary Bennet after all her sisters have married. I developed the idea for this short story and soon found that I may need to write an entire novel to let Mary tell us her own story in her own words. It is due to be published in early 2018 - meanwhile enjoy this short story.