Richard Weirich


Christian author Richard Weirich writes entertaining and inspirational fiction novels, daily devotionals, and nonfiction books that motivate, challenge, and help believers grow in the faith.<br /> <br /> Richard’s unique perspective on life is rooted in his many experiences as musician, radio personality, minister, and voiceover talent.<br /> <br /> Richard grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and after high school played trombone in the U.S. Navy Band. While in the Navy, he became interested in radio, enrolled in the Tidewater School of Broadcasting and quickly landed his first radio job in Norfolk, Virginia.<br /> <br /> For 30+ years Richard was the Burt half of the popular morning radio duo of Burt and Kurt, entertaining listeners in Jackson, Mississippi; Tampa, Florida; Houston, Texas; and Birmingham, Alabama.<br /> <br /> In Birmingham, Richard prepared for the ministry at Southeastern Bible College and Samford University, which led to a fifteen-year ministerial career serving as pastor of several Alabama churches.<br /> <br /> He has been married to Janet for more than 40 years and has two sons, Sean, and Michael.

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In the Valley of Hope: Faith Conquers Fear

Charlie couldn’t understand it. No one could. He was the only one of Bill Polk’s five children who was hated and abused. Forced to leave home with only the clothes on his back and an extraordinary (some said “supernatural”) gift, Charlie sets out on a quest for hope, acceptance, and love. He is determined to shed the curse of his father’s bad reputation and to discover why he was so severely mistreated. Along the way he is reunited with three childhood friends: Frank Wissler III, from the wealthiest and most influential family in the Valley; Priscilla Miller, a beautiful and mischievous farm girl; and Mable Shown, an attractive but simple girl of faith.


Alexandra's Song

Molly Sanders has been given the unique ability to see beyond the physical world into a place where a war rages between the forces of good and evil. When her home life is no longer bearable, Molly abandons her dream of becoming a concert pianist and pursues a new life on the run, away from her tyrannical father, Yuri Zakharov. Fueled by anger and a desire to hurt him as he has hurt her, Molly takes refuge in the small town of Divinity Falls, PA, where she lands a job at Angels Diner, reluctantly falls in love with Casper Knight and encounters a mysterious woman, Angel Lopez, who claims to be her guardian angel.


Farewell PFC POLK: The End of a Nightmare

How do you handle losing life's most precious gift? The Polk family faces their greatest tragedy and discovers that there is life after the painful loss of a child. (Based on a TRUE STORY) When he was 9-years-old, Charlie Polk was plagued by a recurring nightmare. Ten years later it became a reality. The official Marine Corps report claimed that PFC Charles Polk was accidentally shot and killed by his best friend, Eddie Johnson. But is that what actually happened? Does a best friend try to get his buddy fired from his job, force himself on his girlfriend, and then lie about how it happened?


Hope of Cherry Blossom Lane

Hope Hunter dreamed of becoming a professional artist like her grandmother, Henrietta Debose. As a child prodigy studying under the master oil painter, Hope was well on her way, until her 17th birthday when she abandoned her dream to marry Terrence. Their marriage lasted 21 years until his gambling addiction cost them everything. After a bitter divorce, Hope's grandmother dies, leaves Hope's father out of her will, and bequeaths her estate to Hope, including the house on Cherry Blossom Lane. With renewed optimism, Hope relaunches her dream.


Miracle at Gabriel's Rock

A year ago, Alexandra Zakharov realized her lifelong dream of becoming a world-class concert pianist. In the process she was reunited with her five-year-old son, to whom she had given birth when she was fifteen. Just when it looks as if her life is finally back on track, her evil nemesis Helel Ben Shazar (Satan) returns. This time Satan wants her soul. If she doesn't give him what he wants, he vows to take the child. While Alexandra considers her response, the boy mysteriously disappears. But unlike her previous battle against the Evil One, Alexandra's guardian angel is missing and she is left without divine direction or assistance.


Fifth Sunday: The Loving Hands Murder

In March, 1985, Lamont Johnson moved his family from Cleveland, Ohio for an executive position with AmSouth Bank Corporation and a new home in the midst of the white’s-only Alabama community of Loving Hands. When the body of an exotic dancer is found behind the Loving Hands Baptist Church, Lamont Johnson is arrested for the murder. This story, inspired by actual events, is told from the perspective of Emmett Hollister who has only recently returned home after a stint in the Navy. Quickly things start looking up for Emmett when he meets and falls in love with new resident, Jane Fitzwater. As their love grows so do the problems in the Loving Hands community resulting in the destruction of their relationship and a scandalous revelation about some of the unloving racist members of Loving Hands