Paul Brodie


“Quick and inexpensive reads for self-improvement, a healthier lifestyle, and book publishing”<br /> <br /> Seven time Amazon bestselling author, Paul Brodie believes that books should be inexpensive, straightforward, direct, and not have a bunch of fluff. <br /> <br /> Each of his books were created to solve problems including living a healthy lifestyle, increasing motivation, improving positive thinking, traveling to amazing destinations, and helping authors publish and market their books. <br /> <br /> What makes Paul’s books different is his ability to explain complex ideas and strategies in a simple, accessible way that you can implement immediately.<br /> <br /> Paul is lifelong learner and educator and earned an M.A. in Teaching from Louisiana College and B.B.A. in Management from the University of Texas at Arlington.<br /> <br /> In his spare time he loves to read and write books, travel (especially to Maui and Las Vegas), and is an avid sports fan. <br /> <br /> He resides in Arlington, TX and can be reached at and for speaking, coaching, and consulting opportunities.<br />

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