Patrick Mathe


Conflict management learner and Compliance officer expert, Patrick live by the leitmotiv that good information should be practical.<br /> He wrote the battle for soundness and clarity in a context of setback and difficult life's decisions.

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The battle for soundness and clarity

Few days before Jesus was delivered into the hands of the Pharisee, Peter was told by the Master that Satan was claiming to have him. But , he prayed for him. Peter, a passionate lover of Jesus was about to face a battle in is own mind. The climax, the interaction and his own disposition to fight or flee, turned the great Peter into a vulnerable disciple. Though the Master told him the origin of this battle by saying what Satan wanted to do, Peter could not pray nor prepare himself appropriately until the hour came. An account that help us understand the way some battles happen in our mind, with intensity and pressure that can be overcome through appropriate training. Not all battles are the same. But they follow rules and principles that can be learned and applied.