Pamela Harju


I am a native Finn, living in County Sligo, Ireland.

Besides writing, my passions in life are dogs and rock music. The latter you will regularly encounter in my writing; dogs, not so much. I haven't yet come across an idea that would work in a dog theme. Stay tuned though!

When I'm not working, writing, walking or training dogs, gone to a gig or starting said activities all over again, I like to settle on the couch with a cup of tea and a TV boxset.

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Yours Remotely - preview

Everyone loves a rock star – but can a rock star love you back? Lea Woods wants a relationship. Gary Rock All, singer and guitarist in The Remotes, wants his band to take over the world. An undeniable attraction throws them into an all-consuming, if ultimately thwarted fling. As Gary struggles to cope with the fame success brings him, Lea sees him slipping away from her. He lives for his music - is there any room for her in his life? YOURS REMOTELY is a gritty love story gone wrong for fans of damaged characters, dirty rock 'n' roll and sexy anti-romance.


Connorin kirous - FINNISH VERSION

16, eikä koskaan ole rakastunut… Ennen tätä. 16-vuotias Connor Ogilvie asuu kahdestaan menestyksekkään liikemiesisänsä kanssa kylän suurimmassa talossa. Connor ei ole kiinnostunut tytöistä – hänelle riittää olla näiden kanssa vain kavereita. Siihen asti, että hän kohtaa Claran. Clara on kaunein tyttö, jonka Connor on koskaan nähnyt. Hän on eksoottinen tummine piirteineen ja ulkomaalaisine korostuksineen ja täysin erilainen kuin muut teinitytöt, joita Connor on kohdannut. Connor nopeasti muuttaa mielensä tyttöjen ja seksin kiinnostavuudesta, mutta Clara ei sekoita ainoastaan Connorin päätä – hän kääntää koko kylän ylösalaisin. Connorin unelmatyttönsä jahtaamisella on odottamattomia seurauksia… CONNORIN KIROUS on tuore näkemys nuoren rakkauden solmuista.


In Your Blood

Is blood stronger than friendship? Lee and Jolly are band mates, best friends since birth and - unknown to those around them - blood brothers. Literally. They share some of the same dangerous blood. When they fall in love with the same woman, Lee knows from experience that he’s not going to be the one that gets the girl. Is jealousy a monster Lee can’t handle?


Connor's curse

16 and never been in love... Until now. 16-year-old Connor Ogilvie lives alone with his successful businessman father in the largest house in the village. He's not interested in girls and is happy just to be friends with them. That is, until he meets Clara. Clara is the prettiest girl Connor has ever seen. She is exotic with her dark features and foreign accent and unlike any other teenage girls he has met. Connor quickly changes his mind about girls and sex not being interesting, but Clara doesn't only mess with Connor's head; she turns the whole village upside down. Connor's pursuit of the girl of his dreams has unexpected consequences... CONNOR’S CURSE is a fresh take on the tangles of young love from Pamela Harju, who released her debut novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT TOMORROW, in May 2017.