Nils Odlund


Nils Odlund is a writing and fantasy enthusiast. He's currently chipping away at a series of novellas about the adventures of two shape shifters and a paladin, while at the same time trying to crack the secrets of storytelling.

Odlund is orginally from Sweden but lives these days in Cork, Ireland. When not writing, he enjoys exploring the countryside on foot, and when the weather gets too bad he'll stay home and play games on the computer (or write some more). You can follow Odlund on his blog where he mostly posts pictures of coffee, beer, and the Irish countryside, as well as the occasional update on his writing progress.

Also, it's really Ödlund, but it's a hassle to type on most non-Swedish keyboards

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Lost Dogs #1 - Last Fight of the Old Hound

Roy van Waldenberger, once known as The Honest Man, faces the most difficult decision of his life: truth or loyalty. On the one hand are the values he believes in, the moral code he built his life upon, and the promise he made to the woman he loves. On the other hand is the future of his best friend, her children, and her grandson. Roy van Waldenberger – The Wolf of the North, superstar werewolf wrestler – has never thrown a fight in his life, and now that the last match of his career is upon him, he's not sure he can.