Nicolette Andrews


Nicolette Andrews is a romantic fantasy author who lives in San Diego CA. She’s been trapped inside magical world, heavily influenced by Southern California, for most of her life. She doesn’t likes to take life too seriously (or herself for that matter). Her favorite creative medium is writing, whether it is on paper, or on a computer but on occasion, she likes to pretend she can draw or even may attempt homemade gifts, with varied results. She enjoys cooking, baking and generally working with her hands. She spends most of her free time with her family: two daughters and a wonderful husband plus two cats.

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The Priestess and the Dragon

Suzume wants only one thing - to get back to being a princess. Exiled and forced into a life of humility and poverty, she yearns for the opulence of the palace. When she accidentally breaks an ancient seal containing a dragon, she sees this as her chance to escape her bleak future. The dragon, Kaito, has other plans. Now that's he's free, he'll stop at nothing to get his revenge. Sparks literally fly between them as their personalities clash. And as old secrets are revealed, they discover that their meeting may not have been an accident at all. In a world of dangerous monster and dubious allies, Suzume must learn to defend herself if she wants to get back the life she had before her destiny or the dragon kills her.


Fairy Ring

A pair of lovers accidentally wander into the fae kingdom. Now a price must be paid. To escape they must play the Thorn King's games. But can their love stand the test? A short tale of love and magic. This addition includes an excerpt from Heart of Thorns.