Rose Andrews


Raised on a diet of Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy novels and video games, Rose is your average fantasy nerd. These days, she gets most of her fantasy fix from novels, which is why she writes them. Romance in a fantasy setting is the perfect mixture, and she loves to entertain readers with sweeping love stories ending in happily ever after.
She has enjoyed writing stories since childhood and publishing her work is even more fun. Currently, she lives in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States with her husband and their little family.

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The Sorcerer's Prize Rose Andrews

Zina Pajarinov, illusionist mage of the Red Hand, has only known a life of strict secrecy and unquestionable obedience to her assassin family. Directed to slay a monarch, she enters his castle disguised as a dancing minstrel. She soon falls for the court mage, a man of power and prestige who holds the key to her escape from a violent and oppressive existence. Matthias Otto, Royal Wizard of Ilesia, has served the kingdom with unshakeable loyalty like his father before him. As a man who values magical talent, he becomes intrigued by the new dancer’s illusions. Stopping at nothing to win her affections, he is astounded to learn this beauty isn’t an innocent artist but an assassin sent to destroy the very crown he protects.