M.K. Gilher


M.K. Gilher is a best-selling author of heart-pounding romance with a medical twist. Her stories feature alpha-male doctors who are rough around the edges but sweet on the inside, and she delights in making them suffer before they earn their happily ever afters. She’s a die-hard fan of her hometown heroes—the Chicago Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Hawks.

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REVIVAL Book One of the Return to Us Trilogy Preview

An epic romance filled with mystery and suspense that makes you doubt if the truth can prevail in a deceitful world. Dr. Jacade Jordan, my mystifying sex god on a stick. He's a surgeon, he's a cage fighter, he's not a good man. I feel as if I know him, yet I'm sure I don't. I want to run but my feet are rooted in his dominant alpha male presence. What has he done to me? Damn, she's delectable. My sweet Ivy. I want to eat her alive. But how can I possess her when she doesn't even know me? When the deception runs too deep? When I've killed for her and would do it again in a heartbeat? How can I watch her submit so perfectly when I am the one at her feet? A captivating dark mafia romance with a timeless story of lust and loyalty.