Meredith Medina


Peter North
This is a cool story. Witches, persecuted but smart. Living against the odds. Hiding and getting found. A thrilling introduction to the whole series!

Midwest Classics Press
Marvelous read! Kept my pushing along to find out what was going to happen. Really invested in the main character emotionally. Had to keep going...

J.R. Handley
This is a wonderful fast paced story with well fleshed out characters. I really enjoyed reading this story and definitely recommend you read it!

Rebecca Janet
love the cover :)<br /> <br /> very beautiful :)<br /> <br /> <br /> very very nice :)

Rae B. Lake
This cover is so captivating! And this story sounds right up my alley!

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Twice Cursed: Keeper of the Flame (Book 1)

One minute I was minding my own business, just trying to get back to my dorm after surfing the Underground, and the next minute I was in the middle of a police raid with my would-be rescuer lying dead on the floor and the remnants of a strange occult ritual scattered all around me. This might sound like a typical Tuesday night, but for me, this was all kinds of crazy, and I was most definitely going to do my best to forget that it ever happened. But what had really happened that night? I was just a student, an American overseas trying to get a year of study under my belt. This exchange program in London should be just what I need to propel me into the academic career of my dreams. Unfortunately, those dreams seemed to be slipping through my fingers…


Witchmark ~ Daughters of Hecate (Prequel)

Daughters of Hecate ~ Prequel Everyone has to start somewhere, unfortunately for me, my story starts in England, and a witchfinder has come to town. Usually when accusations of witchcraft fly around, the accused are just regular women, but sometimes they get it right... and this time we can't run away. They've taken everything away from me, and now I'm all alone with nothing but my memories to keep me company, and my thirst for revenge to keep me warm. Witchmark is a prequel novella in the "Daughters of Hecate" series. Follow the misadventures of Ophelia Turner and her friends through modern-day New York City in "Sticks & Stones," "Moonlight Burns," and "Power of Three."