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Thanks for coming to look at my author page on Instafreebie. I'm a big fan of this site, too, and used it to launch my debut book, Sanctuary, Shifter Chronicles Book One, which became an Amazon bestseller. I'm currently preparing to launch the sequel in 2017 and will be providing sneak peeks to Instafreebie through the preorder process.

If you want to see my 'official' bio, you can check it out here:

If you want to connect, shoot me an email via my contact details.

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The Past Code

A HYBRID PLAGUE IS SET TO DESTROY THE MOST ADVANCED CIVILIZATION ON EARTH. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS IN THE PAST. Blake is watching his empire crumble. Jade, his hybrid assassin, is watching her people die. The hybrid technology that has extended human life and changed the world is failing and the human/machine/software hybrid population are dropping by the thousands; the hundreds of thousands. The future of his empire is at stake and there is only one solution, but it's deadly and doubtful that it will work.



Hearts Return

Marcello is the alpha male of a dying shifter clan hiding in the villages of Italy. His only goal is to save his people by avoiding the Hunters, Berzerken and disease that are destroying them. Though he seeks every avenue to heal the mate that was chosen for him, he can't get the young woman he met for the briefest of moments two years ago out of his mind. Their exchanged messages have kept him engaged and feeling alive through the trials of his shifter life and now he will sacrifice almost anything to see her again.




In the dark shifter world, they prepare for a summer of fun, but find they must battle against the Hunters who are afraid of the supernatural world. Dutch born, Matilde, the estranged niece of Lord Van Arend, barters with her scheming mother to spend the summer with the only friends she’s ever had, the Ravensgaard at Castle Brannach. But if Matilde gives her mother the information she will break her friends’ trust and begin the downfall of the regime; a regime the shifters may need to protect them from the Hunters.