Lyssa Dering


Lyssa Dering is an author of erotic M/M fiction. Her work is often romantic, always emotional, and features shifters, vampires, and regular old humans in whatever subgenres inspire her. She seeks to share the kind of fiction she loves to read: intense and addictive with engaging characters and situations.

Lyssa is nonbinary and demisexual and often draws upon her time in the BDSM community when writing intimate scenes. She resides in the Midwestern United States with an aggressively affectionate tabby cat. When not writing, she enjoys livetweeting about the books she’s reading and dicking around in Photoshop.

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How to Love a Monster

Seraphim has the superhuman ability to control his own brain. Or at least, he used to, before his government-mandated brain surgery. The surgery killed him, but he's just woken up, shivering and alone, in the rain-soaked alleyway of a city he doesn't recognize. Fiend is a childhood monster. Dreamed up by Seraphim's friend Wish, he was imprisoned in Wish's subconscious until the birth of Wish City, a place for people with superhuman abilities to take refuge after death. Now Fiend is free, in charge, and on the hunt for anyone with abilities once they cross over. Lost and injured, Seraphim lets Fiend slither into his heart. But under the aching pleasure is a hunger that can't be denied, and lurking in the shadows of the neon city are truths neither man nor monster is ready to face.



Hunting the Werecroc

Bex—or whatever name he chooses for the night—is a shifter hunter. When he runs into a werecroc, a violent breed with rare and valuable skin, Bex decides to go after him. But the night turns out much differently than he expects.

Hunting the Werecroc is an erotic M/M short story. It is not a romance. Warning: features a crocodile shifter who has realistic animal characteristics during sex scenes.

Word count: 6,000



The Vampire Heir's First Heat (M/M Erotica)

Eighteen-year-old vampire Lachlan is on the cusp of his first breeding heat. As is custom, he will take a male as his first heat mate to avoid pregnancy, and as the heir of a prominent vampire family, many men vie for his virginity. Lachlan sets his eyes on one man in particular—stunningly attractive and charming Paris, who is eight years Lachlan’s senior and far from virginal.

The Vampire Heir’s First Heat is an erotic short story.

Word count: 3,500