LK Rigel


L.K. Rigel has been a singing waitress, a newspaper reporter, a public school teacher, and a court reporter. Her work has been published by Literary Mama, Tattoo Highway, and Nodin Press, and her dystopian novella SPACE JUNQUE has been optioned for an independent feature film.

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Wild Things (Sneak Peek)

ON A MISSION TO RETRIEVE a dangerous stone stolen from his pack, Gabriel Madoc accidentally kills the thief—a wolf shifter from a rival pack. But that’s not the problem. Gabe has sworn never to take a mate, and he's utterly undone by his primal, protective reaction to the dead werewolf’s human wife. ANNIE BELO DIDN’T KNOW werewolves existed; now on the next full moon she will become one—and she’ll have to trust her husband’s killer to help her through the change.