Lisa Louise

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Dandelion Bliss

Dandelion Bliss is the first episode in The Preservation Society series by Lisa Louise.
An Ayurvedic guru wizard? A disgruntled trophy wife? What could those two have in common? Tons of fun, if you’re from a small gossipy town like Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Fired and ceremoniously dumped as the state’s biggest television personality, Katie Jo Womack is manhandled by a squad of Eddie Ray’s goons from their autoplex showroom. She isn’t starring in a new reality show. At the salon, someone siccs a karma loving Ayurvedic guru on Katie Jo, and he diagnoses her with fatal heartbreak, nearing a chakra meltdown. She ditches his funky notions since she’s seeking revenge for losing her job, her husband, and her superstar status in one fell swoop. The last thing she wants is peace, love, and harmony.