Lana Hart

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The Bejeweled Bottle

Another curse descends on Sanctum Harbor…

Nikki Brewer isn't looking for love. She rushes through life at breakneck pace, which is just how she likes it, and she has no plans to slow down for anyone. So when she goes home with a jewel-encrusted bottle from Mrs. Clathermont’s creepy antique store, she doesn’t expect to find a djinni inside it, nor does she expect he’ll be so… well…


But Sef is more than that. He’s a creature who defies Nikki’s love of all things rational and flies in the face of everything she thought she knew. And when an errant wish sends them both tumbling over a hundred years into the past, she and Sef must navigate a world of ancient magic, deadly mystery, and blossoming romance--all before the Titanic sinks.