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Doing The Sweetheart: Railed by the Prison Guards

*** Check out my author page for even more freebies! *** Prison is no place for sweet young women and Rita is just about to find out... "Take me to the very peak of pleasure" Rita begged. Bound, Gagged and Ganged, will Sweet Rita survive the night of debauchery as the Prison Guards unload themselves deep inside her all three hxxxx... Rita Priviliged, Daddy's Princess... who never left the comfort of her luxury home... A naive blunder and she lands up in max security prison "Unshackle me! Fill me with your Love..." Kelvin The Rowdy Guard... who knows exactly how to treat all these rich princess... "Rita you are a Brut, I will discipline you..." "Submit to me Rita, I will make you the prison cxx queen..."


Use my Wife: Railed by the Black Bull

*** Check out my author page for even more freebies! *** Two best buddies from work, Tom purposes Rick to f*** her wife, to use her for his pleasure. Rick is taken aback but is excited at the same time... for Sally had always made his 'Joe' grow tall under his pants... It is an offer Rick can't refuse... But that's not it, Tom had other ulterior plans too... What happens next? Well read on...


Roughing the Cheerleader: Railed By the Football Team

Can Dalia hold herself as she is torn apart by the pack of wolves... the Wild Jocks... Dalia Coach's 18 yo old daughter, Gentle, Sweet... So in love with Tyler. I am your winning trophy... Take me..." Tyler Klein Star Quarterback, Sweaty, Messy, hard rock abs... "Bros before hoxxxx... The team shares everything..." When Dalia steps in to Tyler's hot shower, she had no idea what she was getting into... They were waiting ... The Gang of Jocks... Troy Siler, John, Rudy, Jack, Mike, Sliver, Ray, Angelo, Chris... Dalia just becomes the team's cxx dump... ... and she realizes it's the best thing ever happened to her. What happens in the Football locker room, remains in the locker room ;)


Roughing the Sweetheart: Taken by the Dirty Priest

Gabriel Tobo a formal Italian mafia, on the run from his own mob... Now a priest Gabriel is completed transformed into a caring soul... until... Until he come across Mindy, a sweet 19 years old from a conservative family... His eyes are set on the sweet little prize... He had to have her... no matter what! But that's not it... his past is not going to forgive him that easy... What happens in this twisted tale of crime and passion? Well find out...