Kory M. Shrum


Kory M. Shrum lives in Michigan with her wife, Kim, and their ferocious guard pug, Josephine March. Kory naps like an adult and chugs caffeine like one too.

She's an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Horror Writers of America, and the Four Horsemen of the Bookocalypse, where she's known as Conquest.

She's the author of the Dying for a Living urban fantasy series and the Shadows in the Water supernatural crime thriller series.

When not reading, writing, or battling her pug for the covers, she teaches writing to college students.

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Dying by the Hour

Book 2 of the popular Dying for a Living series. After 83 deaths, Jesse Sullivan knows how to die. As a Necronite, she is one of the population’s rare 2% who can serve as a death replacement agent, dying so others don’t have to. But using her NRD to save lives is why she’s being hunted. For Ally Gallagher, death is permanent. If she fails to protect Jesse again, there will be no third attempt. After a quiet year the signs of serious danger have returned. People connected to Jesse are disappearing. Her home is vandalized and threatening messages are turning up in the safest of places. Then Jesse is taken and Ally has only hours to get her back. But no salvation comes without its price.


Dying for a Living boxset

This boxset includes the first three novels in the Jesse Sullivan series. Called "addictive" by New York Times Bestseller Darynda Jones, those interested in complex female characters are sure to take a shine to Jesse Sullivan, the reluctant anti-hero of the series. With over 600 reviews, the first three books of this series are great for fans of Darynda Jones, Chloe Neill, Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews, and the like. If you take a copy of the book, Kory asks that you PLEASE leave a review at the book's product page: https://www.amazon.com/Dying-Living-Boxset-Books-1-3-ebook/dp/B00W0P387A/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Doing so means the world to indie authors like her.