K.D. Ritchie


K.D. Ritchie is a fantasy and folklore novelist. <br /> <br /> She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, beneath rain clouds and between trees, and lives there to this day alongside her husband, R.J., and cat, Quay-Quay.<br /> <br /> Rumors of sasquatch near Grand Ronde in the woods, sleeping at a haunted bed and breakfast in Astoria, and her grandmother’s illustrated copy of The Hobbit grew the seeds of otherworldliness rooted in her work.

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The Liar's Tales

What if you dared to seek everything you ever wanted? Five stories intertwine in a land thick with perilous secrets, hidden magic, and mysteries that shall be unraveled. Travelers must cross the forbidden woods but step into a world even more forbidden. A clever orphan faces death unless she uses her wits and dodges fate. Lazy Tomlin either obeys a witch’s demands or receives a horrid curse. One sister can risk her life on the deadly sea or lose a coveted treasure. And a child vows to catch a swift-footed man who if found in time, will change his life forever. Some will succeed. Others will fail. But none of them will return to the world they once knew. The Liar’s Five Truthful Tales is a fantasy short-story collection and companion to the upcoming novel Neverwoods. Read it today!