Bill Kandiliotis


Bill wrote his first sci-fi book in kindergarten during book week. He came second in the competition, which annoyed the hell out of him. His first hardcore science fiction read was Isaac Asimov's Space Ranger series, and since then has read and watched everything and anything classified as science fiction.
These days his reading time is sacrificed in the pursuit of writing down his own stories from ideas he accumulated over the years.
He is always happy to hear from readers and can be found across all the five internets.

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A Hostile Takeover Bill Kandiliotis

The Bluezone: Somewhere deep within this last bastion of democratic society, segregated from the chaotic slums and destitute refugee camps, lurks a technology that could either push civilization further into the abyss, or bring forth its salvation. Struggling to save his innovative hybrid techno-finance company from malign threats leftover from twenty-two years of severe economic depression, a young uberman ends up fighting for his life against ruthless enemies.