Kal S. Davian


Kal S. Davian grew up in Wisconsin's Fox Cities surrounded by science fiction and fantasy stories. He spent much of his life designing and fiddling with his ideas. With a love of books and a desire to create, writing was the most achievable method with which to share his works. Most of his time is spent taking care of his family or developing his life's work, Nihilian Effect.

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When Swords Fall (Nihlian Effect)

Ray works a boring, dead-end job, that is until a god shows up and invites Ray for a drink, with the intent to change his life ... and maybe start a war. The gods have always demanded peace, but it cannot last forever.


Branding of a Heretic (Nihilian Effect Lore)

Claradina is a calm and collected historical scholar, that is until she stumbles upon information in a recently uncovered document that could change the world forever. With the collective Mind standing in her way, she must gain allies and bend the rules if she is ever going to expose the truth behind the history.

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