Justin Gesso


Hello, my name is Justin Gesso. About a decade ago I was probably like you. I had a great career and was comfortable…but I wanted more. I had an MBA and a good run in the corporate world, but I wanted out of the grind. I wanted more time, more money, and to live life on my terms.<br /> <br /> When I saw the ability to generate money on the side, I went big stringing together several projects. Within 1.5 years of quitting my job, I was making more than double my 6-figure corporate salary.<br /> <br /> And it’s only getting better. It’s not just the money either. I have more flexibility than I’ve ever had. I get to work on what excites me.<br /> <br /> Instead of building a life to suit my job, I have built money-markers that suit my life.<br /> <br /> And as a bit of an introduction, don’t assume I had special circumstances. I didn’t have a windfall of cash or any other event to give me a leg up. I was a generic middle-class guy. I started as a call-center agent, worked hard and smart to make my way up, made it to a leadership position at a young age, and then quit to do my own thing.<br /> <br /> I got where I am by deliberately focusing on what I wanted and figuring out what I needed to get there. I took action, made a lot of mistakes, but ultimately got it done. If you’re reading this, you probably have what it takes to do the same.<br /> <br /> Since then, I’ve been afforded the ability and freedom to pursue bucket-list items, such as writing a book, becoming the bestselling author of “Leave the Grind Behind.”

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