Jessie Thomas


Jessie hails from the land of chicken wings and snow, otherwise known as Buffalo, NY. She's an indie author who writes mostly historical-based paranormal romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy. Sometimes historical fiction, too.

Her debut short story, NOONTIDE SUN, is a historical fantasy tale for young adults.

Jessie earned a B.A. in Television and Film Arts at SUNY Buffalo State, where her full-length screenplay, POST MORTEM, was nominated for the Michael Collyer Fellowship Award in Screenwriting from the Writer’s Guild of America, East.

When she isn't chasing her muses around Revolutionary War-era America, Jessie can be found playing with her snaggle-toothed cat named Graham.

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Noontide Sun

For seven long years, Sarah has heard nothing but her betrothed's voice against a perpetual storm...

After incurring the wrath of a spiteful Redcoat officer capable of wielding magic, Sarah was separated across centuries from Gabriel, the young man she intended to marry. While Gabriel languishes in a prison where the years pass without aging him, Sarah is trapped in a present that isn't her own with the key that can free him.

When the key starts to disintegrate, Sarah is forced into a race against time to rescue the young man she loves before they're both lost to the depths of waning magic.