Jenni Wiltz


Jenni Wiltz writes thrillers, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and literary fiction. She's currently working on the Natalie Brandon thriller series.

In 2011, her novel The Cherbourg Jewels won the Romance Writers of America Kiss of Death Chapter's Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Category Romantic Suspense. In 2016, she placed as a runner-up in the Chicago Tribune's Nelson Algren awards for short fiction. Her work has also appeared in the Portland Review, Gargoyle, and the Sacramento News & Review.

She's worked as a web editor, a copywriter, and a USAID grant program coordinator, which gave her the opportunity to travel to Kenya. When she's not writing, she enjoys running and genealogy. She lives in Pilot Hill, California and has not yet struck gold in her backyard.

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The Red Road

Honor student Emma knows more about galvanic cell diagrams than guns. College is the only way out of her gang-ridden hometown, but her parents can't afford it. When her unemployed dad lands a job as a census taker, things start looking up. But he's sent deep into East Malo Verde, where gang members rule the streets and fear anyone with a badge who knocks on doors. One night, a gang member mistakes him for a cop and beats him savagely, leaving him for dead. Her best friends, her chem lab partner, her mom, and the detective assigned to the case all try to convince her to focus on school. But school won't prepare her for a world that ignores a crime against a good man. Emma must decide what's more important: doing what's expected, or doing what she feels is right.


The Romanov Legacy

Natalie knows that Nicholas II, the last Russian tsar, left behind a secret bank account. No one believes her because she's been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Even her sister, a Russian history professor, won't take Natalie's claim seriously...until a Russian spy kidnaps her, claiming she’s the only one who can lead him to the treasure. The Romanov Legacy is the first book in the Natalie Brandon thriller series, with fast-paced action and a heroine readers call "unforgettable" and "enchanting." If you like Dan Brown’s historical puzzles and the international intrigue of Daniel Silva, then you'll love Jenni Wiltz's page-turning thrillers. Claim The Romanov Legacy to discover this exciting new series today!


The Carmelite Prophecy

When Natalie Brandon joins her sister in Paris, the past comes alive...and no one escapes unscathed. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Natalie hears a recurring hallucination, the voice of an angel named Belial. When he guides her to the church of Saint-Joseph-des-Carmes, Natalie stumbles on two deadly secrets...a family connection to the massacre that took place there during the French Revolution, and a long-lost relic buried deep within its walls. But Natalie isn't the only one who knows about the relic. An ultra-nationalist French professor steeped in medieval warfare and a former Legionnaire have joined forces to claim the relic and launch an uprising that will end in blood and fire on France's streets. Can Natalie and Beth stay alive long enough to stop them?


The Dante Deception

A talented forger. A brilliant but damaged heroine. Who will the world believe? Natalie Brandon knows a 700-year-old Dante manuscript up for auction is a fake, but no one believes her because she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. To help stop the auction, she turns to her sister Beth, a history professor. But Christof, the forger, needs that money to avenge the death of his true love at the hands of a Russian mobster. To silence Natalie and Beth, he enlists the help of a British baron and a fledgling bureau of spies. As his quest for vengeance spirals out of control, he targets Natalie as the cause of everything that’s gone wrong. Can Natalie stay alive long enough to stop Christof and prove she’s right about the forgery?


The Cherbourg Jewels

Gem historian Ella Wilcox suspects her father's killer is linked to the wealthy Cherbourg family. The thief stole her father's gem collection, so if she can find the gems, she finds the killer. When handsome Sébastien Cherbourg IV hires her to insure his family's magnificent jewel collection, Ella finally gets access to the Cherbourg vault. But when someone steals the jewels out from under her, Ella and Sébastien are thrown together in a desperate race to catch the thief. As danger ignites their uncontrollable passion, Ella and Sébastien discover nothing is what it seems. A family's deadly heritage is revealed. A trusted friend becomes a traitor. And a dangerous secret threatens to shatter any chance they have for happiness together...


Croatoa: A Short Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

In 1587, a group of English settlers sailed for the New World. By 1590, the entire colony had vanished without a trace. The only clue? A single word carved in a fence post: CROATOAN. Were the settlers murdered by the Croatoan tribe? Did they abandon the colony to seek shelter away from Roanoke Island? Or did something more sinister happen? Something that might reveal an ancient evil - lingering, watching, waiting...and killing. This is an imaginative re-telling of the colony’s final days, with a blend of historical fiction, romance, and the paranormal.


The Cherbourg Bodyguard

When Honorée Cherbourg saves a young boy's life in Paris, she nearly loses her own - and gets tossed into protective custody while police track the would-be killer. Her protector is the boy's father, policeman Adrien Gerard. As if facing a killer weren't bad enough, now she's cooped up with the sexiest man she's ever met. When an unexpected attraction blossoms, she's forced to choose between her freedom and the family she never knew she wanted.


The Sinner's Bible

Natalie Brandon doesn't believe in curses - except the one afflicting her. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, she's tormented by a recurring hallucination - the voice of an angel named Belial. When her boss acquires a copy of the rare 1631 Sinners' Bible, Belial tells her that the book is linked to the tragic Stuart dynasty - and the curse that brought it down. Natalie doesn't believe it until the public unveiling of the book goes horribly awry. A pair of thieves take Natalie, her sister, and her boss hostage. When Belial orders her to keep the thieves from stealing the Sinners' Bible, Natalie knows it's because he wants to unleash the curse once more. Will she stop the thieves or will she stop Belial? No matter which choice she makes, someone will die.