Jennifer Samson


Jennifer Samson is a Canadian writer and author of the YA/NA Brookline University series and the crime/love story Sin City series. She has also been published in the literary journals Thursday and The Lyre, as well as the BoldPrint book Friends. Her work has been featured in the Alpha Phi Quarterly, Brookline TAB, Toronto Star, and Edmonton Sun.

She enjoys sarcasm, classic rock, photography, adorable cats and way too many criminal procedural television shows to name. Being Canadian, a love of hockey goes without saying.

She has written eighteen original novels (two co-written), nine fan fiction novels, and two screenplays. She is currently working on the second Sin City novel, and a standalone YA romantic suspense.

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Brookline University: Freshman Year

A YA coming-of-age series. Joy Morrison, her twin sister Libby and their best friend Angel Sheridan, are finally off to college. They quickly discover it's a different world from the one they've left - one which saw them growing up in the foster care system in Seattle. Now living across the country, they're faced with a whole new set of challenges. From rushing the sororities on campus to getting involved in new relationships and juggling classes, they experience all the turmoil and fun of their first year of college at Brookline University. Subscribe for new release updates and free ebooks -


Piece of Work

A prequel short story to the novel, Sin City. Tim Kelly has never been a fan of the Chicago Mob, and in 1965 Las Vegas, they're the only game in town. Tim's latest venture has caught the attention of Sam Wyatt, a Fremont Street mobster with two casinos. Unfortunately, he's also caught the attention of the Chicago Outfit's most ruthless enforcer. Now Tim has a choice to make - play ball or stake his own claim - and his decision could have lasting effects. Sign up for 3 free ebooks and new release updates -