Jennie Kew


Jennie Kew is the author of The Q Collection, a series of quick and quirky erotic short stories, as well as the Bennett’s Bastards series. If you enjoy Jennie's books, please share the love and leave an honest review for other readers to find. For updates on new releases, cover reveals and giveaways, sign up to her newsletter at, or you can follow her on Twitter @JennieKew, and on Facebook at<br /> <br />


Krista Carleson
Hmmm, I'd like to find out what Wolf's rules are? Maybe Abigail will provide enough 'inspiration' for Wolf to finish his manuscript on time....or maybe he'll be too distracted? Looks like a sexy read!

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Third Time Lucky PREVIEW ONLY

Abigail Bennett has been unlucky in love. Her husband left her for another woman and her boyfriend cheated her out of the last of her self-respect... Is it any wonder she has trust issues? But then along comes Wolf. The sexy author is just what she needs to boost her confidence before having to face her ex-husband once more, but while she's willing to take him into her bed, she's determined to keep him out of her heart. Wolf Adams has one month to finish his manuscript and get it to his publisher, or forfeit his substantial advance. Sent on retreat, he's certain the change of scenery will give him the motivation he needs to finish the book on time. Until he meets Abby. Unable to resist the voluptuous artisan he's more than happy to play her games... But he has some rules of his own...