Jay Lemming


Jay Lemming is a Washington, DC-area author who writes literary and horror fiction. He is the author of Billy Maddox Takes His Shot, the first novel in the Maddox Men Series, and is currently at work on Three Billy Maddox Stories, which feature the characters from Billy Maddox Takes His Shot. The three short stories that comprise that work, Billy and Darla, Green Bay Outsiders and an as-yet unnamed story, are scheduled to be published in Spring 2017.

Lemming earned his MA English in 1998. He blogs at http://jaylemming-author.com. He is also on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jay_lemming) and can be contacted at jay@jaylemming-author.com.

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The Curse of Jaxx: A Novel of Dystopian Horror Jay Lemming

Cursed and abandoned on the lonely outpost of a forgotten planet! Born on the turbulent sea's edge of a deserted world, 500 denizens roam their castle of broken stone, held in thrall to the fear of some dark creature of myth. Wizened and wise-seeming leaders of this abandoned realm, Old Darius and the Elders, alone may decipher the hieroglyphics carved deep into the walls, and which tell the tale of the curse that has gripped them since a sin of abominable proportions countless generations ago. Armor-clad sentries now stand on lofty battlements facing the violent sea and awaiting the return of unspeakable evil; the moon whispers the name of their tormentor to those who dare stare upon its face but drives to madness those who do not turn away. It is time for the curse of Jaxx!


A New York City Vignette: A Short Story Jay Lemming

Crippled love in this short story about crippled New York. Jim Roberts, a bored wealth management advisor from the wealthy suburbs of New York City, is about to come face to face with the imperfections in his soul. It is September 11, 2011, and a terrorist assault of unimaginable proportions is underway as two airliners fly into the Twin Towers in downtown Manhattan, ending 3,000 lives, destroying countless thousands of others and bringing the city to its knees. Roberts, busy in the apartment of his art dealer mistress just blocks away rather than in his office in the upper level of World Trade Center 2, is forced to realize how he has perpetrated an emotional violence just as devastating within his own family.


My Scholarship Jay Lemming

A young Sinhalese woman in Sri Lanka is excited to receive a government scholarship to attend university. Fortunate, that is, until her education takes her to the hill-country of Kandy where life among the upper class is a constant reminder of her family's impoverished state in a southern village. Unhappy despite her promising future, Lakmini longs to help her parents and siblings. But there seems to be no way until a chance encounter with a disreputable Kandyan presents her with the choice of taking one extreme, drastic step that will fly in the face of everything she has ever honored about family and culture. My Scholarship tells the story about a kind of learning Lakmini never dreamed of.


Sandanam Jay Lemming

Two young men, bound by affection but separated by ethnic backgrounds in war-torn Sri Lanka in the late 1990s, find their friendship ripped apart by the malicious act of a disenfranchised relative. As passing time forges their separate identities on the national anvil of combat and traumatizing violence, it seems unlikely their paths will ever cross again. That is, until one friend, a young adult now, reaches out to his former friend with a proposal for reconciliation. But what motivates him? And what will happen when the interwoven threads of nationalism and friendship collide in one final, unbelievable encounter?


Playing Flashlight Tag Jay Lemming

The simplicity of childhood meets the complications of impending adulthood in this story of young love. When a group of pre-teen boys playing flashlight tag is joined by a young woman, their fun summer nights are about to face a jarring and unexpected tensions. Interpersonal dynamics between them grow fraught with uncertainty as the first stirrings of attraction affect the deepest foundation of their friendship. As the flashlight beam cuts through the dark, exposing houses, trees and other objects in the night, the game also brings to light something about their maturing lives that can no longer be hidden--something simple and powerful but also, in its own way, incredibly frightening.


Billy and Darla Jay Lemming

18-year-old Billy Maddox is heading to Tucson’s Motel 6 for a night of mindless fun with his ex-girlfriend. He quickly finds, though, that Darla’s penchant for troublemaking has steered him on a collision course with local law enforcement. Recognizing the extent of his dysfunctional relationship, Billy realizes he has never before considered the consequences of his actions, until now. Billy and Darla is a short story about a young man's journey to maturity over the course of a single night. The characters also appear in the literary novel, Billy Maddox Takes His Shot.