Jackson Kane


Jackson Kane is a professional stuntman, athlete, romance author, and above all else, a hopeless romantic. From American Ninja Warrior, to some of your favorite films, Jackson brings a unique writing style forged from countless harrowing adventures.

He’s a lover of travel, his fans, his romance author peers, dulce de leche, and all things beautifully weird and interesting. He invites you to relax, have a whiskey sour and let him thrill and excite you in a way no other author can.

Jackson will show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy. Come with him, and read dangerously.


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Even after she graduated I couldn’t get out of my head. I didn’t think she’d find out who I really was.
The past never stays buried.


These days I was a quiet, private single father and a philosophy professor at a local university. Under this tweed jacket there were scars and tattoos of a biker past that cost me everything to bury.
Shelly was my favorite and most frustrating student. Gorgeous, sharp as a whip, and so fiery that she fought me over everything. She made me fall hard, but for her sake I pushed her away…before my past buried her too.
When she shows up at my door in the middle of the night I now had to choose between the sexy, young student I couldn’t stop thinking about and the new life I’d built for my family.
Some things never stayed buried.