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Hello I am Isra. Author of the Blackened Series Trilogy. <br /> <br /> I am a lover of all magickal arts stemming from the occult and traditional witchcraft. When not writing, I am creating art and a lover of fantasy films, movies, books. I live in United Kingdom with my dogs and cat. <br /> <br /> "Her Blackened Soul" is my first novel that was first published in 2015 but is being re-released in May 2017 with new and exclusive bonus content including an alternative ending. <br /> <br /> "Her Blackened Heart" is the sequel to "Her Blackened Soul" will also be released in Summer/ Autumn 2017!<br /> <br /> "Logan and Serephina's Transcended Love, Love Beyond No Bounds" will be released in Autumn 2017!<br /> <br /> I have also now started working on "Her Blackened Rose" the third book in the trilogy. Release date approximately Spring 2018!<br /> <br /> I am also releasing a very exciting book about my experience in the craft with knowledge about witchcraft and spells in the near future!<br /> <br /> <br /> For more information about me please visit my updated social media links: <br /> <br /> Amazon Author Central Page:<br /><br /> <br /> Facebook: <br /><br /> <br /> Twitter:<br /> <br /> Tumblr:<br /> <br /> Instagram:<br /> <br /> Linked In:<br /> <br /> My Goodreads Blog:<br /> <br /> YouTube:

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