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Familiar Magic Genre Reader

Three dead witches. An unknown killer. One big mistake: they left me alive. My name is Stella and I’m the Familiar to the London Coven. Magic is real. It’s all around you, and it’s dangerous. Uncanny things lurk in the shadows, hell-bent on murder and destruction. It’s my job to make sure the people of my city are protected, and I’m usually pretty good at it, but now… …now something has dropped into my life and torn my coven apart. It did the impossible and murdered three of the most powerful creatures in London, leaving me alone and running scared. Something evil beyond anything I’ve ever experienced is loose in London, something with the power to squash me like a bug… …and I’m going to destroy it. My name is Stella Familiar, and evil just picked on the wrong woman.


Normalized (Part One: Superfluous) Genre Reader

Action! Characters! Exposition! Normalized has it all! When Captain Might started writing his journal he was on top of the world. Being a superhero was a blast – freezing bad guys with his super breath and uppercutting them into orbit – what’s not to love? His enemies got to have their fun too with their earthquake machines and their lava cannons and their robot tentacles. It’s a merry old game, the ping pong of good versus evil, or at least it was before the Cap's nemesis, Professor D’eath, tossed out the rule book and started straight up murdering folk. No doubt about it, things are about to get a whole lot uglier before they get worse!


Trolled (free sample) Genre Reader

Seventeen-year-old student Nat Lawler doesn’t know her orc from her elf bow. She’s never swung a sword before, never ridden a unicorn, or fought a troll outside of the internet. And yet here she is, trapped in a fantasy world and tasked with defeating its evil queen, Drensila the Black. Thankfully, some of Nat’s roleplayer friends were thrown into the mix too, and join her on her epic quest. They’ve spent their lives preparing for this moment, but now it's time for action, because this fantasy just got real! *This is a Chapter One sample of the first book in the Trolled Saga*


Apocalypse Hill Starts Genre Reader

The end of the world is just a game. The Hill arrived in Apoc, in the far north of England, during a storm. The soil was soaked in ancient blood and the grasses that clung to its slopes were slashes of vicious crimson. The Hill did not arrive by chance. The Hill came for a reason. 'Apocalypse Hill' is the first part in author Matthew Stott's thrilling new supernatural fantasy miniseries, and you can get an exclusive sneak peek only on Instafreebie!


The Increasingly Transparent Girl Genre Reader

Things live between awake and asleep. In the moment after your eyes grow too heavy to stay open, but before the dreams take you. One day, Melody May begins to disappear from view. Her hands, her knees, her face, her everything. A monster’s enchantment has ensnared her, and now Melody must travel across a strange and dangerous land between awake and asleep to reclaim herself; otherwise, in 48 short hours, she will never have existed at all...