G.A. Rael

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Beauty and the Bear (Paranormal Romance 18+)

~Contains mature content for adult audiences only.~ Cassidy is a curvy park ranger with a passion for protecting the forests, but can she protect her heart from the mysterious state agent who shows up at her door looking for leads on a poaching ring?



The Nocturne Agency (18+ Only)

Ever since the vampires decided to "come out" to the world, it's been a crash course in coexistence. Some have adapted better than others, like the Nocturne Agency, which exists to pair wealthy humans with vampires capable of fulfilling their wildest fantasies. Me? I don't care how many celebs come out as bloodsuckers, I know the truth beneath the sexy exterior. Doesn't mean I'm above profiting off my fellow humans' weakness for a hot guy with piercing gray eyes and a devilish smirk that always shows just enough fang to pique the imagination. Sounds dreamy? You haven't met Julian Larue. The guy's ego is as big as another asset he's known for. He's everything I hate. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Love between a human and a vampire is definitely a breach of contract.