Esther Night

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Derazeas' Queen

They left a broke family behind to start their own life. Exploring the new house Vieira steps into another world. She awakens a sleeping city and their king. As she goes on an adventure thought the land she discoverers much more about the world then she ever thought. A battle will be fought over her between angles and demons. And Vieira has a choice to make between her family on earth, or the man she love is another world.



Seeking the Kingdom

Her relatives cast her out. His family wants him to join the gang. They both leave behind the world they knew to discovered the ancient world. Adriana is shocked to discover that she is descend of a royal family and a kingdom unknown her planet, Iyurs. She meets Dave who promise’s he will help her get to the kingdom, but he has is own reason for helping her as he is running from his family. Together they must make a dangers trip across the ocean to Oslya, the mystery's kingdom. Together they need to seek the truth about who they are as a storm is coming from their old home and a past that they thought was left behind.