Emily Vincent

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Sex, Money & Me

I had one job to do, giving business men their drinks at the bar that had just opened. I didn’t think that I would be anything but that. Then life changed, things changed, and I found myself in the middle of a war. A war that I thought I was going to win hands down but there were just so many secrets that were being unraveled and I wasn’t sure that I could handle everything that was coming my way.

She was gorgeous. From the second she walked into my bar I knew that she was going to work for me. I knew that she was going to be the one to liven the place up. I had problems, too many problems of my own that I thought I could hide away. When she clocked into work that night I would have never guessed that we would be glued to the hip because of things that I had done.


Big City Seduction

An A-List actress, that was all I wanted to be.

I spent five years in the foster care system, four years of high school, and another three years at acting college before buying a bus ticket to LA.
I left my old life behind without a second glance and thought it would be easy.

But between a boyfriend that shows no appreciation for me, a best-friend finding her own romance, and the constant hours of auditioning with nothing to show for it, I can’t help but question if I’ve made the right choice regarding a career. I have talent, I know I do, but without a chance I can’t prove it!

A company is searching for new candidates, and I fit the description perfectly. It means leaving LA and giving up everything I’ve fought hard for. But it might just be the thing I need.