Emily James


Emily James grew up watching TV shows like Matlock, Monk, and Murder She Wrote. (It’s pure coincidence that they all begin with an M.) It was no surprise to anyone when she turned into a mystery writer. She writes books with quirky characters and a touch of romance. She keeps them clean because she wants her books to be the kind you could share with your teenager or your mother.

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What we don’t know can hurt us… The worst way to find out that your boyfriend is already married is to see it on the news. The only way it could be worse than that is if his wife died under suspicious circumstances. Unfortunately for criminal defense attorney Nicole Fitzhenry-Dawes, that’s exactly what happens. Her now ex-boyfriend insists he’s innocent, and he begs Nicole to find out who really killed his wife. She’d like to simply leave him to his fate, but her sense of justice won’t allow it. With few clues to go on and her emotions getting in the way, Nicole worries that she won’t figure out the killer in time. And as she begins to unravel the truth, the killer turns the table on her, making it look like Nicole was the one who committed the murder after all…