Emily Bishop


Emily Bishop is a breakthrough romance writer from Seattle, Washington. She originally attended University of Washington as a history student but soon found a passion for words and stories. Upon graduating with a degree in creative writing, Emily fell in love and moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a quiet little town in Oregon. She is now a full time writer who loves her job. She enjoys bad horror flicks, hair pulling, lemon pound cake, and spending time with her husband, Charlie, and her dog, Roscoe. <br /> <br /> Emily hopes you enjoyed her debut novel, REAL DEAL, and hopes you’ll be back for more.

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Real Deal

<b>The shit you do for money!</b> Wearing suits. Ribbon cuttings. Ass kissing. Lame! Until Sara Lancaster comes walking into one of my ground-breaking ceremonies ready for battle. What a show stopper! She’s trying real hard to hide those curves under a hippie dress. Beauty and brains all wrapped up into one gorgeous package. She’s making wild accusations about my family’s business using the mafia to purchase a chunk of her town. Of course, I have no clue what she’s talking about. While we work together to uncover the truth, we grow close. I want to protect her, to care for her. But the mafia has other plans. Not on my watch!