Ellie Gerrard


I live in Queensland, Australia. I’m a mother and wife to two people I love dearly. I apparently have too many books (like that is actually a thing, I think it more like not enough house). I started writing young. Reading started even earlier. I love to bring new life to characters. I have a big imagination and a big heart. I’m that quiet one that will unexpectedly drag a perfectly clean conversation into the gutter and I swear way too much. Hubs tells me, I’m as honest as a brick to the face. But that’s just me. Something that I’ve taken a long time to learn is to…stop putting yourself last.

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Before The Random

In the business world, I’m known as the bastard you do not fuck with. In the kink world, I’m known for my precision with a whip. In both worlds, women want me in their panties… to give them what they need. I am never vanilla. EVER. I’ve never gone RAW with a woman. I don’t want a long term relationship. I‘ve never been in love and I certainly don’t want children.
A trip to Vegas changes all of that. With my brothers and best friend in tow, I meet her. My Vegas Random who turns my life upside. She shows me what I’ve been missing and gives me everything I never knew I wanted.
To be wanted just for being me.