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DC ALDEN is a thriller writer and filmmaker. His books include INVASION, THE HORSE AT THE GATES and THE ANGOLA DECEPTION.<br /> <br /> JOIN MY MAILING LIST to discover more about my new military thriller FORTRESS and other cool stuff: http://bit.ly/DCALDEN<br /> <br /> Or visit my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DCAlden/<br /> <br /> Or go here for the official website: http://bit.ly/DC-WEBSITE<br /> <br /> INVASION is a military thriller that tells the story of the military invasion of Europe by the armies of a powerful Islamic Caliphate. Told from several viewpoints and from all sides of the conflict, INVASION is a free download crammed with non-stop action and a cast of characters from Presidents and Prime Ministers to soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians, all desperate to survive a devastating conflict that threatens to redraw the maps of Europe for all time. <br /> <br /> THE HORSE AT THE GATES is THE political thriller of our times, set in a world of uncontrolled mass immigration and crumbling borders, of political upheaval and dark conspiracies, of deadly terrorist attacks and false flag operations. This controversial, uncompromising page-turner has come to mirror many of the terrible events and political upheavals that have since transpired both in Britain and all across Europe in recent times. <br /> <br /> THE ANGOLA DECEPTION tells the story of former Navy Seal Frank Marshall, a man who knows too much, about the real architects of the 9/11 attacks, their quest for global control, and most terrifying of all, their imminent plan to murder three billion people and establish a single world government. This fast-paced conspiracy thriller is a must-read for those who look for the truth behind the headlines, who suspect that some of the biggest events of recent times have been shaped by those who wield power far greater than Presidents and Prime Ministers, an unelected, unaccountable and hugely secretive cabal of global power brokers whose ultimate intentions remain unknown. <br /> <br /> Coming in 2017 - FORTRESS: Returning from a classified mission deep in the Iraqi desert, a Special Forces soldier brings more than sweat and sand back with him when the chopper settles on the landing pad of the most heavily fortified diplomatic facility in the world. And when news of an uncontrollable and terrifying pathogen reaches the corridors of power in Washington, it soon becomes clear that the lives of the US personnel stationed behind the walls of the United States embassy in Baghdad must be sacrificed for the greater good. For the twelve hundred men and women trapped behind those concrete blast walls, oblivious to the fact that all assistance has been quietly and emphatically withdrawn, their choice will soon become a very simple one - fight to the last bullet. Or die.<br /> <br /> JOIN MY MAILING LIST to discover more about FORTRESS and other cool stuff: http://bit.ly/DCALDEN<br /> <br /> Or visit my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DCAlden/<br /> <br /> Or go here for the official website: http://bit.ly/DC-WEBSITE

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Invasion - A Military Thriller

Europe looks nervously to the east as a charismatic leader unites the Islamic world, and the Caliphate is reborn. When the invasion begins, a cowed and disbelieving continent buckles quickly. In Britain, cities are in turmoil as Islamic forces sow chaos and carnage across the country. As London falls, Prime Minister Harry Beecham and his SAS escort must escape the capital and head west to the safety of a secret government complex. But when England crumbles before the massive military onslaught, it becomes clear that sanctuary must lie elsewhere, far to the north, where remaining British forces are gathering along an ancient border, dug in deep to await the final battle for survival.