David Miller


DAVID MILLER grew up in New York in the early '70s watching Dark Shadows during the day, the Night Stalker at night, and the weekly Creature Feature movie on an old black & white RCA television set every Saturday night with his father. It's no wonder as an adult he now writes stories with fantastical creatures, mystical happenings and occult goings-on, of worlds where anything can happen...and usually does.

Fans of Jim Butcher, Simon Green, Patricia Biggs, and Charlaine Harris will love David Miller's Irish Cycle series.

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She-Devil of the Spanish Main

Vampirism! The Ultimate Gift--Her Ultimate Betrayal!

Saito Izumi, a centuries old vampire has done and been many things. During the early 1700s she worked the Spanish Main as a pirate--excuse me--a privateer on a commandeered French caravel, the Devil's Rose.

Captured, and strung from gallows built for two, Saito must act quickly to save herself and the life of her lover, Captain William Taylor Howe. But, every action--no matter how well intended--brings consequence, as Saito soon discovers--deadly and unholy consequences.

An early swashbuckling tale featuring the vampire Saito Izumi.


Through the Ages - Sample


In this heart-wrenching collection of original stories are four terrifying tales from Saito's centuries of existing--she doesn't consider it living--that explore her often dangerous and deep personal journey to understand the blackest darkness of an inhuman soul, to discover what it truly means to live and not simply survive, and most important of all, to learn if a vampire can triumph over evil and truly love again.


The Daughter of Darkness - Sample

Drawn to the small town of Rocky Hill, New Mexico, Sarah Prentiss immediately finds herself in hot water with the local sheriff. But his problems are way bigger than the thin, six-foot-tall, half-Native-American woman dressed in biker leather and driving a black Ninja motorcycle.

In town to hunt down a two-headed, winged serpent that's attacking the locals, Sarah and the sheriff soon find themselves contending with the local mechanic who's actually a demon bent on homicide, a mysterious stranger stalking Sarah, and what just might be a genuine portal into Hell.

Yet, all that's a walk in the park compared to what Sarah discovers at the end of the path, and the inescapable truth she learns about herself.

Trust us, this isn't your typical night in Rocky Hill, New Mexico.


Stone of Destiny - Sample

A Celtic demi-goddess warrior woman. A centuries old Japanese vampire. A race to find and control an ancient artifact whose possessor can command armies. In modern day Boston. Yeah, right.

Stone of Destiny: Book One of the Irish Cycle - A unique urban fantasyadventure with a mix of mythological and supernatural elements set in contemporary Boston.