D.A. Roach

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Cross - Sample Chapter in Myths & Magic D.A. Roach

Ray Cross was born with a genetic disorder, resulting in a fragile body. One day Ray hears news that his real father, a king from a secret land hidden in the far north of Canada, is dying & wishes to meet his son. With his doctor & newly-met twin, Ray travels to the forgotten village of Yardis, where magic, myth, & corruption are abundant. But the longer he stays in the village he discovers an evil force threatening the king & his village. But there’s more than the king & a village tied to Yardis & Ray. He finds friendship & more from a band of brothers who are part witch, dragon, & healer. With new alliances & new abilities, Ray wars with himself on playing it safe or risking it all to save the ones he loves. Can Ray rise above his fragile disorder to become the hero for once in his life?